Ed, You Idiot

Ed, You Idiot

we ran this picture
with the caption, "Uh, I Don’t Think So",
and adding, why not just hire a diver? According to one of the crew members,
here’s why not:

a diver in this circumstance wouldn’t be able to do what we had to do,
and the only way to do this job in Antigua was on the way it was done.
Keep your stupid comments for yourself.
And what was the job, we asked?

Gori propeller in pieces, including opening the locking screws with heads
that were destroyed by diver who tried to open it 2 days before. By the
way – you can’t release Gori locktite underwater, you need to heat it
up first. Renting the diver for this job is the most stupid way to make
it more difficult to open after lifting up from the water which is the
only way. Don’t judge book by it’s cover.

we like to judge books by their cover and we still wouldn’t be under the
boat like that.