Walter World



Dear Chap;

write to you from my hundred year old Chesterfield by the fireplace in
my study above which looms the magnificent head of a tiger I shot on safari
back in the 30’s. It’s furious last thought is framed most artistically
by the giant tusks of a bull elephant brought down in spectacular fashion
by daddy’s blunderbuss the same expedition. Lucky really, because the
greenies brought the whole thing to a halt shortly afterwards making it
the last ever ‘tiger-head-with-tusks’ trophy done by the renowned E G
Pritchard and Sons, 4th generation taxidermists to the Royals.

live today when the thrill of bringing down a beast capable of tearing
a man in halves with its paws is no longer a cause-celebre, less still,
the spine tingling resolve of standing before a charging elephant waiting
for it to arrive within deadly range before giving him one from the ‘bus,
but man is fickle and thankfully there is emerging a whole range of modern
day equivalent pursuits under the trendy ‘guise of "Ecotourism".