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Blast Off

a hangover in Antigua Race Week is a mark of a good time, this morning
marks my sixth consecutive good time. Tonight we’ll be drinking water.
Fortunately race week ended yesterday, although actually to be honest,
it was still ending in the early hours of this morning. For the crew of
Panthera, the TP52 which won the regatta, it is a good thing that there
were no more lobster in the tank of the restaurant HQ, when a very drunken
jib trimmer decided to go for a paddle.

Gunboat 48 BLAST, chartered by Gun Boat head honcho, Peter Johnstone and
my ride for the week, was affectionately re-re-named THE PIGLET, as our
racing performances slipped in the latter part of the week. Admittedly,
our performances may have been inversely proportional to the amount of
fun had the night before. I certainly still chuckle at the memory of our
entire crew hanging off the sides of the yellow Wrangler Jeep, the whole
vehicle rocking to the beat of M-I-A as we drove from Night club Abracadabra’s
to the Mad Mongoose bar. My fellow pit-bitch, Mr. Bainbridge US, Forrest
Williams was leading the chorus. (Sorry Forrest- there’s no writing the
Jeep off on the expense account!) We decided that this was better than
blaring local radio on which we had earlier heard the song ‘Daddy don’t
touch me there. I’ll tell someone I swear.’