Passage Making


Whale Tale
Burwick and his Open 40 Anasazi
l are en
route on the 6500 mile trip from Cape Town to Bermuda. We dig his brief
on board reports as we think they convey the often stark reality of long
distance singlehanded sailing.

– water maker shit the bed IPOD too. Pulling into James Bay St.
Helena for some jugs of water .. Just gettin in the groove. Avg 211 nm
per day. All down wind… All… every mile got to love this. Shifting
between the Ap Gennaker, code 5 and the jib top. I am 24 hours out and
the forecast is for easing. Some flat water with 10kts. Let me have it.

at 0800z. Whale surfaced under the Anasazi Girl in the early
morning hours. We were under full main and code 5 in 25-30 kts. Boat speed
. Fast. Sea state moderate.

  1. Big bang
  2. Uncontrolled gybe
  3. Two whales surfaced behind the boat in a pool of blood.

  4. Sheared off port rudder – see picture above.

No other damage so far. Loaded up with water ballast keeping the girl
flat. Still making good time. 6.45S 20.51W 1630 Z April 29. Heading for
28 w and 5 S will then head North to cross the doldrums. I will take a
dive when the water flattens out. I have strong trades and moderate seas.

– First 24 hours 195nm. Last 18hours 155nm. Uncomfortable mainly
from the rolling. I will gybe at 5 S this morning and run that latitude
to 28 w and then make a left. Crossing the doldrums should not be an issue
and the seas will be down. They are 4 m now and sometimes they schwing
us around. Feels like a carnival ride.

5.04S 21.51W.