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lovely Lia Ditton….

a hangover in Antigua Race Week is a mark of a good time, this morning
marks my third consecutive good time. Fortunately today is Lay Day and
the crew and I have hired a Wrangler Jeep for a bit of off-roading (driving
around Antigua). You will be pleased to hear that the tan is coming along

team BLAST, the Gunboat 48, the camaraderie is excellent. With Mr. GunBoat
creator and company owner, Peter Johnstone (PJ) at the helm; with me in
the pit is Mr. Bainbridge US- Forrest Williams on tactics; Quantum Sails
SA- Warren Oldroyd on kite trim and watching clouds; Mastrom designer
extraordinaire, Torbjorn Linderson jumping up and down pulling ropes;
Rachel Jasperson (part of the Gun Boat Cape Town design contingency) keeping
us all on track with the morning re-hydration programme; Chandler "Bing"
Collins (who, if you’ve ever crossed paths with anything Gun Boat, should
not need an introduction); Lynn Fitzpatrick, Star boat journo + Olympic
paper scratcher and a rotating cadre of boating press whose talents range
from standing in the slot with a tripod (PJ’s pet hate) to wearing gloves
while sitting on the rail.