Good Wood

Good Wood

This This six meter sportboat built in plywood-epoxy is the Velivolo,
the new boat by Paolo Bua and Diego Moretti. From Paolo:

hull shape leaves the paths beaten before, her bow is inverse and very
thin to cut the waves, the bottom is plane to glide, the sides flared,
two wings to improvethe righting moment, a plate deck and an enormous
cockpit to make easier the work of the crew, a bulb made of lead to lower
the centre of gravity, all pushed by a powerful but easy to control rig:
square head full batten mainsail, full batten jib, the gennaker on bowsprit:
Velivolo is a little bomb!

has been studied for a crew of 3 people to compete in open class with
success. It’s very powerful: weight is less than 400kg ready to sail,
it has a big righting moment because of the crew on the wings and because
the bulb made of lead situated in the end of the blade of sliding keel
made of carbon. The sail area is generous and it’s guaranteed of
angle and speed upwind and easy planing downwind. The hull of plywood
made of okumè is covered by thin transparent glass cloth and reinforcedby
some ingot of iroko and it’s solid and light.

wood fashioned with passion and precision from Diego Moretti has driven
him to build this arrow like none, characterized by sporty lines in the
extreme and a very reduced weight.It is all topped off by the beauty of
wood. This is the link
to a video
of the Velivolo in action and here is a pic of it sailing.

Lwl:5,60 m. Beam:2,19 m. Boa: 3,08 m
draft:0,20-1,80 m. SAup: 29 m2 . Weight:0,4 t. Ballast:0,15

Paolo Bua – Trucdesign

Trucdesign, Paolo Bua e associati, tel. 0039 347 5204382 [email protected]
Builder: CantiereMoretti, Diego Moretti tel. 0039 320 3173143 it[email protected]