week we asked a question or two about the sustainabilty of the GP 42 class
(see "Green Machine" below) and immediately received this letter
damning us for our lack of knowledge. It wouldn’t be the first time…

morning, first of all thank you to publish such a beautiful photo by our
friend Nico. I am taking care of the GP42 class since the very beginning
for the ORC and of course I strongly disagree with the opinion expressed
in your web site. The GP42 is a great and fun class with cost controls,
materials and sails limitations and, we all hope, long life. The season
is promising. We know this boat is fun and we believe that the fun is
starting from the moment an owner begins to think about his new toy with
the designer, his team, the builder, etc.

That is why we created this class. Brutal looking of course is a personal
opinion, but for sure they are war machines as well as the TP52 or other
similar performing boats. It is a real shame how people can be bad with
respect to a growing and enthusiastic reality. People are working on these
realities to create better sailing contests. Owners and sponsors are investing
money in this and I don’t believe it is good for sailing in general to
receive this criticism showing clearly no background and even less knowledge
and, of course, no love for our sport.

GP 42 Class Manager