Call 1-800-Narc

overreaching and ineffective Department of Homeland Security (cue up Wagner’s Flight of the Valkyries) announced their big "safety"
plans for recreational boaters Monday. Designed to ramp up the fear factor,
justify their existence (and spend a bunch of your tax dollars in the
process), the plan is, uh, underwhelming.

big cornerstone of their plan? Narc on fellow boaters and their "suspicious
behavior" – "Today, officials will announce the plan, which
asks states to develop and enforce safety standards for recreational boaters
and asks them to look for and report suspicious behavior on the water
— much like a neighborhood-watch program
love to demand y’all get a boating license and monitor your every movement,
all in the name of "security" of course, but they know they
can’t pull that off – yet. It is a load of crap, put forth by an administration
that has clearly demonstrated it can’t find it’s own ass with both hands.
Here’s some more of the nonsense:

to an April 23 intelligence assessment obtained by The Associated Press,
"The use of a small boat as a weapon is likely to remain al-Qaida’s
weapon of choice in the maritime environment, given its ease in arming
and deploying, low cost, and record of success
." But of course
"There is no intelligence right now that there’s a credible
risk" of this type of attack

Don’t worry – Bush and company have it all under control…