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Doom or Boom?

we’re going with Doom. We think the economy is in pretty bad shape, and
perhaps the worst is still to come. The dollar is sinking, oil prices
out of site, a mortgage industry in crisis, record deficits, etc. And
all of it spells big trouble for the marine industry. Yet there are a
couple of different takes on the state of the industry.

economists and a technology "futurist" outlined very different
scenarios for the downturn that is plaguing the US economy. One economist
sees a recovery in six months, while the other doesn’t see a return to
normal levels of boat sales until 2010.

speakers were part of the annual Marine Design Resource Alliance (MDRA)
conference, held in Sea Island, Georgia. About 25 executives from US boatbuilders,
as well as two dozen others from marine accessories manufacturers and
financial institutions, attended the conference.
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