Another Lesson?

refer to the recent the article (Lessons Learned) in SA by the
skipper of Audacious, Rick Day, about his man overboard experience –
The publication of this article prompted me to e-mail Scott the SA editor
and ask him to issue a correction. He comments that it is up to people
to make up their own minds but I think it is important enough to take
issue and issue a counterpoint.

never put another person in the water to try to rescue a man overboard.
I am most concerned about Rick’s advice. It is one of the worst and
most contradictory pieces of advice I have seen.

never put another person in the water. It means you have two rescues to
complete and the mounting problem of dealing with two people with exposure
once you have finished trying to get them back on board without damaging
them, which isn’t easy, especially in a swell.

looking further into the article…