In The Water

The Water

Lessons Learned

few weeks ago at the NOOD here in Dago, we had a particularly rough day
(at least by SoCal standards), with breeze in the low 20’s and a very
big swell (10′). One of the weaker elements of San Diego sailors is their
inability to deal with these conditions and given that they rarely sail
in them, we guess that comes as no surprise. However, people falling off
of sailboats is hardly unique to San Diego, and indeed it did happen to
a crewmwmber from the Beneteau 40 Audacious (she was finee, as
it turned out.) Skipper Rick Day was kind enough to share his observations
of the incident. You’d be advised to pay attention.

more I think about last Saturday, the more scared I become of what might’ve
happened. We could’ve lost Nancy for good. Here are some errors we made
– no blame – just observation and reflection.