“Daddy, How Come Ours Doesn’t Have A Couch Like This?

"Daddy, How Come Ours Doesn’t Have
A Couch Like This?

I was sitting with Alan Andrews down below the new Andrews
at the Strictly Sail show in Oakland, chatting about the new boat
(3,800 pounds, lifting keel, carbon rig, inboard, real interior, etc.).
My 9 year-old son Trace was checking the boat out and he landed in the
roomy forepeak, whipped out his workbook and starting writing while Alan
and I talked. The conversation turned to the Flying Tiger and I told Alan
that as much as I liked the FT, there just wasn’t much room below to do
the kind of overnighting that could obviously be done in the new 28. As
we carried on about the dual purpose nature of the boat, Trace said "Hey
Daddy, how come our boat doesn’t have a couch like this?" Alan and
I just stopped, looked at each other and just cracked up! It was just
so matter of fact and right to the point and
the timing couldn’t have been better. Too
bad we weren’t rolling tape because Trace just made the very point of
the 28’s huge interior. Of course, he doesn’t know a forepeak from a couch,
which made it all the funnier…