Big Pimpin’


Get Wet(a)

Sailing for Everyone! That is the best way to sum up the Weta 4.4 Trimaran
from Weta Marine.
Life is always about the give and take and the Weta gives alot and takes
very little. The Weta is a versatile, fun to sail, easy to manage and
very well built Trimaran that does a good job of keeping most sailors
happy (we all know it is impossible to keep all sailors happy). A combination
of stiff and lightweight fiberglass hulls, carbon beams and mast, a powerful
sail plan along with great attention to detail make this one of the best
new small sailboats to come out in years. Meade Gougeon calls his a "dinghy
on steroids with training wheels". Strict one design rules are in
place to promote competitive and fair racing and after the racing you
can use it to go for a cruise or to teach your family and friends (including
the new friends you will make when this gorgeous boat is sitting on the
beach). The owners of Weta Marine and designers of the Weta 4.4, Roger
and Chris, put 6 years of development into the Weta 4.4 and it really
shows. The Weta is currently all over the world with dealers in the UK,
US, France, Netherlands, Sweden, Croatia, China, Italy, Thailand, New
Zealand and even Australia (if the Aussies like a Kiwi boat something
must be right with it!). Find a dealer and come experience the Weta,
Performance Sailing for Everyone!