Another Day, Another

brought yet another hearing to the NY courts for Chapter 1,000 of sailing’s
own reality TV show. Unfortunately, our sheer boredom only allows us to
write a few sentences in summary before we pass out with our head on the
keyboard. Fortunately, we have the actual
handed down by the Court, so we’ll just bask in our own laziness.
Here’s the Legalines version of what happened:

  1. On Monday, SNG filed an appeal of a whole mess of stuff with the Appellate
    Division of the Court (the step above Justice Cahn).

  2. On Monday afternoon, the Court rejected the appeal, on the grounds
    that was messy – essentially that it wasn’t specific enough, and didn’t
    conform to the actual orders signed by Cahn and subject to appeal.

  3. On Tuesday morning, SNG resubmitted their appeal, cutting down
    their requests to three: a) A reversal of Cahn’s decision denying SNG’s
    motion to invalidate GGYC’s challenge and yacht certificate, b) A "stay"
    of any notice period while the appeal is pending, and c) an expedited,
    or "fast tracked" appeal.

  4. The same morning, both parties’ lawyers went to the court and
    argued for a very short time in front of one of the appellate justices.

  5. The justice decided that a) The court would hear the appeal,
    b) the stay is denied but SNG could ask the court for a stay again later
    and c) the date for the appeal is in June.

certainly not looking any better for Alinghi’s legal effort, since stays
are even harder to come by then appellate reversals. In the meantime,
we continue to wait on the molasses-like decision of Justice Cahn on the
dates for the match, which everyone expects any day. We will continue
to report on these events as zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz