Q: We have a 23′ daggerboard MH rigged boat that is very tender in anything
over 12 kts of breeze with 4 crew aboard. We frequently race spin class
in winds around or above the 12 kts mentioned. Our max luff is 32′ and
our present # 3 is a 105% with a luff of 25.5′ which sheets just outside
the shrouds. Question is: would we go to weather better with a 95 to 100%
jib with a full hoist ( 31′ luff) and leach battens sheeting inside the
shrouds and not cause any more healing moment?

A: Yes,
I think you would have much better performance with a new #3. The current
105% you are using now has two major drawbacks; the short luff length
and the overlap on the spreaders. A #3 jib should have maximum luff length
and have as big an lp as possible while still sheeting in front of the
spreaders, usually around 95% to 96%. By being able to sheet inboard of
the shrouds, and have the leech trimmed inboard of the end of the spreaders
is critical for being able to point. I imagine the sheeting angle out
to the shrouds is up around 15 degrees, and even for an older design you
would like to get that down to 10 or 11 degrees.
length is more important in generating lift than just area is. The taller
sail with a shorter LP will point better, go faster, and heel less than
your current sail.

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