“Swan Song”


"Swan Song"

love stories, and this one is a beauty.

I am wandering around the "Supply House" waiting for a bud to
get some bits and pieces for the rig… And this fine looking lady is
wandering up and down the isles looking very lost and of course not a
clerk insight, so I say "Yo! Lots of strange items to look at?"
She admits that its all a bit overwhelming, and so goes on to tell me
that her husband had bought a boat to fix up and she thought it might
be nice to get him a nautical birthday gift. So I ask what kind of boat?
She say its got sails and he plans to take them around the world when
he is done fixing up the boat, Ah I say, where is he keeping it? She say
the name of my marina, and she goes on to tell me its not in the water
yet it’s still all jacked up she says. I ask the vessel’s name, knowing
all six boats still on the hard pretty well and trying to figure out who
her husband is. She says it is called Swan Song, and she goes on
to tell me her husband pointed out to her through the fence the winter
before last and how he spends all of his free time down working on the
boat or the computer learning about sailing… On the computer I say and
she says yes some site called Sailing Anarchy she said…

we chat some more and I point her in the direction of the cruising guides
or suggest a gift card maybe and give her my telephone number with the
standard sales pitch and invite for her and her husband to come out for
a Wednesday afternoon beer can race, but she is more than welcome to come
alone if he is to busy working on the boat…

walk away wondering what shit head is cheating on such a beautiful woman?
You see "Swan Song" is an abandoned derelict that has
not had anyone on deck in years, let alone working on it. It’s not even
really sitting on jack stands they pushed through the hull along with
the keel years ago.