US Ailing



note we received about US Sailing that we think deserves a look.

Because I fear retribution from US Sailing for speaking out against the
status quo, I have elected to send this to you via PM. I am a US Sailing
certified judge, and believe I will be instantly decertified if I speak
out against the organization on this matter, but I just can not stomach
the way things are being done any longer.

the U.S. Presidential election there is a strong call for change. We recognize
that U.S. Sailing needs the same theme applied.

Thomas Hubbell started beating the drum for change about eight years ago.
He succeeded in bringing sweeping change to the bylaws, resulting in a
complete rewrite of the bylaws and the regulations that U.S. Sailing operates
by, coming into implementation beginning in 2007. It is time to put this
genius into the President’s seat, who knows what to do, how to do it,
and allow the new organization to set sail fully under his command. Please
start writing the Nomination Committee at U.S. Sailing and let
them know
that you are ready for change and want it now.

current president, James Capron, became an instant lame duck when he announced
the proposal for mandatory membership. There is no use in keeping him
president, the bylaws state that the term for a president is 1-year. Why
put the organization "in hold" for all for 2009 and give him
one more one-year term? Additionally James Capron let down the multihullers
by putting U.S. Sailing in position to vote against the Tornado in the
Olympic games which caused turmoil worldwide.

is needed, change is needed now. Nominate Thomas Hubbell, MD for President
of U.S. Sailing to complete the execution of change. He worked hard for
it, and he deserves it.