Gear Up

shenanigans have filled our AC coverage for the last ten months, and while
they’ve provided ample material for Anarchist debate on the forums, the
only people enjoying it are the lawyers and PR execs that are buying new
homes with the bounties collected from everyone’s favorite billionaires.

the likelihood of a 2008 multihull race is adding some juice to the Cup
world, especially the mammoth effort that BMW/Oracle is putting forth
– both in their fast-track build of a challenger, and in their development
of sails and techniques for match racing at 40 knots.

funding and technology that the team is bringing to the multihull game
has never been seen, and is likely to advance the state of maxi-multihull
racing significantly – for instance, BMW is using a nine-camera
computer-driven shape recognition system to get the most out of their
sails and trim. Will truckloads of cash, nearly 200 highly-qualified personnel,
and a good head start on design earn them the prize they seek? Time will

out more on the technology here
(in French)
with a poor translation here,
and check out the good video here.
Thanks to Stingray for the find.