The Ice Cream Man Is Coming

The Ice Cream Man Is Coming

a year chock full of nutcases going to sea in the strangest assortment
of vessels, Robert Mcdonald’s replica viking ship “Mjollnir”
almost seems conventional,
despite being constructed entirely from 15 million ice cream sticks and
glue. Mcdonald set off from Amsterdam bound for England yesterday on a
shakedown cruise in preparation for a voyage that will follow the ancient
Viking route to North America via Iceland and Greenland.

has some impressive accomplishments in his history – the first man
to walk across Death Valley, the first to ride a bicycle the entire perimeter
of the US – he’s even built a few ice cream-stick boats before.
But some of what we found on his website give us an idea that this trip
may not have happy ending. Read these two gems from his FAQ and weep:
the speed of such ships?

“Almost all replica Viking Ships made have been known to go at full
sail an average of 14 knots.”
are you most concerned about on such a trip?, Is it the Icebergs? Ice
Bears? (WTF? -ed) or Storms/Ice rain?

“If I have a real concern it’s the ("Bermuda Triangle");
the voyage takes us directly in its path.”
from Robin van Lo