Olympics 2012


2012 Revisited?

knows kicking the lone multihull class out of the 2012 Olympics was
one of the biggest cock ups in recent memory. But is there a reconsideration?
From the ISAF Mid-Year Meeting:

recognizing the level of concerns over the decision as per the submissions
received, the Executive Committee feels it would be prudent for the
ISAF Council to have the opportunity in May 2008 to affirm or otherwise
its decision taken in November 2007 on the events for the 2012 Olympic
Sailing Competition. Therefore, the Executive

Committee has decided to put forward Urgent Submission M06-08, which
invites Council to reaffirm or otherwise their decision on the events
for the 2012 Olympic Sailing Competition made in November 2007. The
Executive Committee intent in making this submission is to bring to
a close the current speculation challenging the Council decision.
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