AC Clean Goes to Court


Clean Goes to Court

not for the reasons (controlled substance possession, libel/slander suit,
underage something or other crimes) that you might think. The New York
Supreme Court has planned a hearing for Wednesday to try to settle a date
for the now very tedious and rapidly diminishing America’s Cup. Yet, that
doesn’t stop us from sending the intrepid Mr. Clean to be there in person
for the day – his second trip to the New York Supreme Court for AC-related
lunacy. Wednesday’s hearing at 9:30 A.M. will determine the dates of the
33rd America’s Cup. Will the Judge rule immediately? Will he give any
credence to either team’s argument that the July, 2008 dates are too soon?
Will arguments be presented over the venue for AC33? Will Alinghi’s lawyers
make fools of themselves, their firm, and their clients for the third
(or was it fifth) straight time?

time will tell. Frankly, this is all a bit too much like Beverly Hills
90210 for us, but we couldn’t resist sending Clean to report on the drama.
There’s just too much potential for hilarity whenever Alinghi and a Judge
are in the same room. Team Alinghi – Krusty the Klown of the sailing world!
Hey, hey kids!

expect live updates from court in some form, and if he doesn’t get thrown
out, we hope to see some video from inside the courtroom and an interview
or three afterwards. Check out our AC Forum, sponsored by SLAM, for up-to-the-minute
action from the hallowed halls of the crumbling downtown courthouse. Follow
the fun