The Planet


Sons of Bitches
and we mean nothing makes us both as angry and sad as much as Canada’s
commercial seal hunt, the largest hunt for marine mammals in the world.
It has begun, and hunters are allowed to kill pups as soon as they begin
to molt their white coats, which occurs when the animals are about two
weeks old and 275,000 are scheduled to be bludgeoned to death.

We read the story about the the seal killing boat that capsized
and killed some seal killers
. Apparently, there was some screaming
for their lives before they died. We believe that is called justice. Or
is it irony? Or is it karma? Maybe it’s just too fucking bad?

countries are starting to ban seal products from Canada and the Commission
is debating pan-Euro legislation. Isn’t it time the entire civilized
world told the Canadian Government what it thinks of this condoned barbarism?
often ask the community to rally
around a cause
, wouldn’t you think this is one to spend a little energy
and maybe a few of your dollars? Seriously, step up here and do something
good. This is some of the most brutal, savage and completely unnactable
human behavior towards animals we can imagine. Do what you can to stop