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Scuttledbutt Sold!

No sooner do we finally give them their props (see SA’s, above) than the
long rumored word that they are on the market appears to be true. Scuttlebutt
has indeed been scuttled, purchased by a group that while at first blush,
might seem shocking, yet comes as absolutely no surprise to us. An "alternative
lifestyle" publishing company (who have not been publically outed
yet, as it were) has bought the entire operation, such as it is, "We’ve
long admired their delicate, sensitive approach to the demanding sport
of sailing," said the buyers’ press release, "and we’ll put
our unique, vibrant and very fresh flavor to their newsletter. And we’ll
be bringing a whole new lifestyle to the sport. And Scuttlebutt is such
a fun word play for our audience, of which we think many, if not most,
are already existing readers!"

guess that is finally putting it "In the Butt." Well deserved,
we say!.