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Rulo Rules…

ass didn’t get kicked today, which was actually a good thing. Because
the conditions in Cabarete were perfect for practicing boathandling technique,
instead of requiring survival. Having assessed the level of experience
in our group Coach Rulo started us on the water early, when winds are
normally light. So out we went past the reef, and ran some tacking drills
(tack on the whistle), some gybing drills, and the Rulo drill (on the
whistle, tack and bear off onto a run; on next whistle, gybe onto port
and trim up to close-hauled). Exactly the sort of stuff I need to practice,
and Rulo was all over the fleet with tips and advice while he shot video.
The Cabarete breeze never fully powered on, so we got plenty of work in
before heading back into the Bay for some practice racing. The only downside
to light wind and big swell was the, umm, need to hurl once between drills
(and, no, it had nothing to do with Happy Hour; just overheated from wearing
too much; that’s the only hard choice down here in paradise: sunburn
vs. feeding fish).