TOP SHELF TACTICS: The Reality Part Two


The Reality Part Two

is everything, trust me, there is no second prize"
International U-Boat Champion

was looking for something similar in the S.I’s to his Polynesian Outrigger
coup, and with his limited sailing experience had somehow stumbled onto
a common sailing instruction, but seldom used for strategic advantage,
‘No boat shall start more than 5 minutes after her starting signal’. Hotman
quizzed me on various scenarios that could be played out; 1: Could he
go out in "Mr. Clean" and lasso Paul and his boat and stop him
starting within the 5 minutes? 2: Could he simply just drive straight
over the top of him and sink him, after all Hotman had his insurance paid
up. 3: Could he just pull out his Colt 45 and shoot holes in Paul’s boat.
As the Tactician on the boat the answer to all of these questions was
a resounding "Shit Yeah". I could nearly taste the trophy, Hotman
was straight on to the sat phone to his skipper, but sadly for us "Mr.
Clean" was still in Ibeeza.