Deck with two coats of primer and paint ready for non-skid.



Bruce Niederer
Technical Advisor
Gougeon Brothers, Inc.

Deck with two coats of primer
Deck with two coats of primer
and paint ready for non-skid

is Part 2 of one of an excellent article on, among other things, fixing

racing season onboard Triple Threat has been filled with the usual
mix of tedium, laughs, and excitement. It’s a good thing when the
exciting part is due to close racing and fast downwind surfing—it’s
a bad thing if the excitement occurs when the foredeck crew nearly goes
overboard because the deck is wet and the non-skid has the texture of
a slip n’ slide! I’m happy to report no instances of skidding
off the foredeck last year, as there had been in years past, because the
non-skid was brand new. (Author’s note: Any foredeck incident was
due to crew error. I can say that with authority because as skipper/helmsman,
I never have to leave the cockpit and so am perfectly positioned to tell
everyone else what they are doing WRONG!