Big Pimpin’ Wheels R Us


R Us

don’t get a lot of 150 year old companies in the marine industry
these days. Ever wonder how to stay in business that long? Keep up with
the times, evolve, listen to your customers, and stick with some basic
core principals of quality and integrity. Edson has done that. What about
the products? Sexy Carbon Fiber racing wheels? Check! Big emergency bilge
pumps? Yep, they invented the diaphragm pump back in 1859 so they have
some experience there. Radar mounts and instrument housings? Got ‘em.
Want to shop for a cockpit table when you’re wide-awake at 2am? You
can do that on their web store. If its replacement steering gear for your
old trusty cruiser or designing a dual-wheel system for your latest IRC
rocket, Edson has a naval architect on staff that can help with your project.
You can reach Edson at www.edsonmarine.com or 508-995-9711 – and you’ll get a real person on the phone.