The Button Isn’t Working!

Button Isn’t Working!

might have reached a certain point of ridiculousness when a button controls
the fate of a 66′ ocean racer. Understand, we are fans of canting keels
but we heard that the 66′ canter Stark Raving Mad owned by a
real SA fan, had a couple of very scary moments on the recent race to
Puerto Vallarta. According to sources, they were surfing pretty late
at night in seas around 10′ with the wind in the 20’s, and on one of
the surfs the keel tacked by itself, and went to leeward, laying the
boat right over. They were over far enough for the water to be up to
the primary winch in the cockpit.

had to manually override the keel system, we’re not completely sure
how they do that with the system they have on board, but it’s down below
deck. The crew hasn’t quite figured out what happened, but the thought
is the system shorted due to all the water coming over the deck during
some of their bigger surfs of day/night. The boat was over far and long
enough for the topic of getting the lift rafts ready to come up. We
understand the owner was pretty spooked by the whole ordeal. No shit.