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had a good question (see Down
Mexico Way
) about GRIBS (GRaphics In Binary) for weather dude Bill
prior to a long distance Mexican race, and here is a follow
up from the person who asked the question.

update as promised: Found the GRIBS (vs. COAMPS – Coupled Ocean/Atmosphere
Mesoscale Prediction System) to be more true to reality this trip down
the coast versus ’07 Cabo. When things got tricky, I spent more time
running optional routes (and then updating an hour or two later- One
with GRIBSs, one with Coamps, and one combo and used these against reality
to validate which option appeared to be closest to the real thing at
a given time, and also ran some with arbitrary marks for anticipated
Gybes etc. to see the impact to the routing. Found the GRIBS were more
or less accurate the balance of the trip down the coast and at the cape
– Coamps less so until we were 50-100 miles out of PV.