Sailing Sucks!



lot of people simply don’t understand sailing, and that includes many
who have been sailing for a good number of years.

course at my station in life I have a relaxed and patient accommodation
of people who simply don’t ‘get’ it. And I modestly attribute that singular
selfless ability for patience and calm tolerance to my early years painstakingly
coaching the young British Olympic Team – Coracle Class. (Finished a
creditable 4th in ’56 and could have done a whole lot better if that
numb-scull Upton Smyth had paid just a bit more attention at training,
but oh no, it was always "Mummy says I don’t have to if I don’t
want to", and "Daddy will buy me a better one". Spoiled
brat! – to think where I could been today? And as if to add insult to
injury, mine remains the only knighthood in history granted for "effort"
– in the advancement of sport – rather than "accomplishment".)