one area in our sport that has the most intrigue, no matter your perspective,
remains the America’s Cup. Love or hate the two Big Players, Ernesto
Bertarelli and Larry Ellison, they have managed to set tongues wagging
over this event. Of course we have the best discussion forum that covers
the event, AC
, and we are most pleased to announce SLAM as it’s new title

you are not familiar with their very cool sailing gear, then perhaps
you’ve been living under a rock? Slam has made a real presence in the
sport and for good reason. Founded in 1979, SLAM is Italy’s leading
manufacturer of technical sailing apparel and a significant player in
the sportswear sector with collections for men, women and children.
While holding firmly to its tradition and passion for sailing, SLAM
continues to set new ambitious goals for itself.

collections are characterized by innovation, technology and Italian
style. Working in sync with universities and leading manufacturers of
textile fibres, SLAM continually researches innovative fabrics and assembly
techniques that are opening new frontiers in the world of clothing.
Clinical studies have proven that fabrics that are more breathable,
lighter and possess thermo-regulating properties reduce fatigue and,
as a consequence, enhance athletic performance. Gear that works, and
looks good! Check