have joined on with a fun group of Mexicans on the J145 Raincloud for
the 2880 San Diego to Puerto Vallarta Race. 1000 Miles… 6-7 days of fun,
sun, camaraderie.
was expecting a little jaunt down the coast from SD to PV. This is like
an open ocean racing epic!

first day was typical BORING SD-Ensenada with a great start turning
into light fickle winds for endless upon endless painful hour. God I
hate that race (except the one this year!). During the night we decided
to get off shore and at the same time, the front came through and it
was ON! By the next morning and all the next day we had high teens and
low twenties. By Sunday night we were in steady mid twenties and building
seas. By later it was high 20’s and BIG seas… like an open ocean race,
not a coastal tour of Baja! We stayed way outside to try something different
and Monday has been 30 all day with 6-8′ wind waves on top of a long
period 10′ swell. We’ve used every sail in the inventory so far (5 jibs
and 5 kites) except the jib top and the storm sails. We are all cold
and wet and struggling to get dry but having a good time.