Mykonos Offshore Regatta is one of South Africa’s premier events
on the Sailing Calendar. The regatta officials limit the race to 60
boats from Cape Town, but Mykonos yachts can join the pursuit race

famous race seems to always bring a crowd of boats and the entries once
again entered the 70ies. Even with the 60 boats cut off the number grew
with the local boats from Saldanha, and once again all the top boats
were in attendance. Warrior from PE, (a Simonis 65 about to be replaced
by a Landmark 43) which had been in Cape Town for a few months, was
the odds on favourites for line honours. On the handicap side there
were at least 5 boats capable of winning the overall honours. In this
group was the fast improving Pace 42 Unleashed, the always fast modified
Mumm 36 Ballyhoo Too, the newly kitted out Simonis 43 Crocs (which I
was sailing on), in very bright green jerseys, the newly re-launch Fast
42 Tenacity with it’s new rig and keel. And the oldest boat in this
group the Farr 38, AL.

dawn with very little wind and the look of rain. There was lots of work
being done on all the boats getting ready for a long day. Once out it
was very nice to see so many boats on the start but it was going to
be interesting with all 60 boats in one start. We start right near the
pin and managed to avoid any collisions and keep our speed up in near
to zero wind. Straight after the gun we tacked on to port and head for
Robin Island.