of you know that your Ed is a car nut. I love ’em, like to drive ’em,
like to look at ’em, like to watch ’em race. Hell I’ve
even raced ’em
. Most of you like ’em too. So when an anarchist starts
a new car related business, it only seems natural to present them here.
Oh and they are the new title sponsor of our General
Anarchy forum
. So if you are looking for a car, be sure to give
them a try.

an innovative website that offers free classifieds for car and truck
sellers nationwide, now has more than 500,000 vehicles listed for sale.

"SuperCarDirect.com is proving that free listings are the way of
the future for vehicle sales," said company founder John Sweeney.
"We’re following the lead of Google and others who recognize that
information wants to be free. Traditional car sale sites are dinosaurs
and they are going to be just as extinct.&quot.