Nood Cover Up

no secret that something big is about to happen down in St. Petersburg,
FL. What you may not have realized is that there is a major cover up underway
in the NOOD Regatta. Sources tell us that the weather is going to be cool
on Friday but then warm up to 80 degrees F’ on Sunday. This wide range
of conditions poses a unique problem for sailors but many of them have
already discovered a secret weapon. They can stay protected from spray
and chilly winds Friday and also keep the intense Florida UV off of them
by using a special UPF 50+ shield. This official NOOD Regatta shirt combines
one of a kind water repellent yet breathable fabric with the race logo
and the technology that is sweeping water sports worldwide- The Arid Core
Technology DRYSHIRT(TM). No other product on the market rates higher for
UV protection and that’s a cover up we can fully support! The shirts are
available at the NOOD regatta booth in St. Pete but supplies are limited
so shop early to insure delivery. For additional information on supplying
this amazing and one of a kind of product to your event, contact the Pirate’s
or call toll free 1-888-SAIL-BUM.