Out With The Old….

hear it for Finngulf, our newest advertiser here at SA. If you are looking
to get in to a R/C, you have to look at their brand new 43.

a bold move, we have decided to publicly commit to launching boat #1 of
our new Finngulf 43 performance yacht by Farr Yacht Design on May 1st,
2008, at noon. To follow the project, please visit our blog at www.fg43.com . With this statement, we are making it clear for all our employees and
clients alike that an important part of being a “class act”
is delivering not only on quality but on time as well. As the sailing
season in Finland is particularly short (3 months of enjoyable weather
at the most), this is even more crucial.

1981, we at Finngulf have built roughly 700 boats, all of them are still
afloat, and are enjoyed by avid sailors all over the world. For more information
on the company and the rest of the range, visit www.finngulf.com. Thank
you Anarchists!