had a storm forecast Monday night in Australia with 40 kts winds (and
they also forecast gust to be up to 40% stronger) and from a direction
where we are open to, the NW-NE. I guess from the photos a lot of people
weren’t prepared and I don’t think people take the warnings here to seriously
as we normally have SE winds that we are protected from so complacency
comes into play. Unfortunately you can see there was a lot of damage done
to a lot of boats and this was just one small area of the town. I believe
a lot of other boats were wrecked on the Airlie Beach side of town and
all the way up to Magnetic Island. They had 37 people rescued from a commercial
charter yacht at Caves Cove and god only knows what they were doing there
in this kind of weather!

makes you wonder what would be the outcome should we get hit with something
more serious this was really not that bad a blow I think they are saying
at the yacht club they had a max of 65 kts in the gusts and some people
are saying there was a mini tornado that ripped a lot of these boats from
their mornings at around 3 am that went through Cannonvale, who knows.

hope these guys were all insured and that others can learn to spend a
night in the marina if there is a storm warning! – Jason.