The End is Near

28 1800 UTC Day 44
36.58S 14.31 E
251 nm to Cape Town

From the log of James Burwick and his 40′ Anasazi Girl.

back at the route .I entered the African waters on the wrong side of the
ridge. Just like Shackleton did. But we are climbing up and over this
High Pressure ridge to find some strong SE wind. "Sow East Stir".
Blowing hard they say along the Cape of Good Hope. Today for me was flying
the kite with one wrap on the winch in bare feet and sun screen. Time
for reflection instead of fighting the wind. I never win anyway. Always
a loser. The big "L" on my forehead. Wind dropped out at after
I spun out flying the kite in 27 True wind speed . Main in the water ,
Kite in the water. Full epic potential. But no drama. Nada. Eased the
sheet and up she came. a few hours later I was dealing with keeping her
going in 3 kts of shifty unpleasantness. And all I wanted was sleep.