French Fried

week we showed you some very sad sack French IACC boats, and anarchist
Dave sent this shot of France 3 (AC 1983, lost during the first Louis
Vuitton Cup against Australia and was owned by the French film producer
Yves Rousset-Rouard, who – by the way – had his first success with the
French soft porn movie "Emanuelle"). The photo quality is a
bit crappy, as I have taken it with my mobile phone.

boat was more lucky than the couple on your website. It’s now based at
the Ecole Navale (one of French’s national army marine camp – ) in the bay of Brest. The
keel looks as bad as the others, though.

taken the photo during last years stage of the Tour de France à
la Voile at the Ecole Navale. The marine base is usually closed to the
public and therefore the boats current location might not be widely known.