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we ran a story about how Dolphins (and whales) are being slaughtered brutally
in Japan. We received a lot of e-mails of support, but then there was

Hindus send protesters to the U.S. because our culture values beef as
part of its culinary regimen? That would certainly be arrogant for them
to impose their beliefs in the sacred cow onto our culture. And so it
is for the West to constantly criticize Japan for their harvest of marine
mammals which have long been a traditional part of their diet. I’ve had
whale in Japan, it isn’t too bad tasting, and I’m not ashamed to admit

of preaching morality about killing dolphins in Japan, maybe we should
question the ethics of imposing our beliefs on a culture that sees "whale
watching" in as ridiculous of a light as an American might see "cow
watching". I’m craving a burger.