us culturally insensitive, or quick tempered hot heads but we just read
an article in the February edition of Men’s Journal, Raid on the Killing
, and good baby jesus are we pissed. The story is about how thousands
of dolphins are herded, trapped and brutally slaughtered in a hidden lagoon
in Japan. It is a fucking outrage, and we felt compelled to do what we
can to call your attention to it. Fortunately there are a number of people
who are organized to combat this particular horror, and we have reached
out to them to see what we can do. In fact the article in Men’s Journal
focuses on a covert attempt by some folks to film and protest the killings.
One of the primary organizations, the Save
Japan Dolphins Campaign
, has a donation
, and Sailing Anarchy just kicked down $500.00, and we’d like
to strongly encourage you to contribute what you can. We can’t, in good
conscience, sit here and do nothing while these wonderful creatures are
killed by murderous sons of bitches. We don’t think you can either.

have reached out to Peter Heller, the author of the article, and one who
has chronicled a number of atrocities against whales as well, most notably
in a book entitled The
Whale Warriors
. Take a look at the
he put together showing the killing, and then tell me you aren’t
outraged. No, this isn’t sailing, but this is our planet, these are the
planet’s wonders, and horrifically, this is an example of the mindless
killing that our fellow man is capable of. We think this requires some
effort on our part and we’re going to do what we can. We’ll try to get
a copy of the article for you. Stay tuned.