What Could Have Been

recently received a classified ad for a JS 9000 and the picture got us
thinking about what could have been with that boat. At the time, we thought
it was a great concept, and combined with decent marketing, a good PR
push, and a great price should have made the boat a winner. But the whole
thing went so wrong, from un-met delivery dates, a very unfinished product,
poor follow up, and it all resulted in a failed project. Too bad, because
those who have them say it is a pretty quick and easy boat to sail.

And as the 9000 went south, many of the same lessons leaned by a host
of other failed boat builders were learned all over again. We really liked
the idea, and promoted the hell out of it (lesson learned there too) but
the reality of it was something else.

the way, not only can you pick up one of the 9000’s for $25k, we also
have brand new listings for a Santa Cruz 52, a Synergy 1000, and a fixed
keel Hobie 33. Check