the last 36 hours we got caught in a sword fight between two swells in
shifty, gusty force 7 SW flow. Big Boy South and Big Boy SW. They been
having it out. Both big barrel chested with white beards spewing froth.

Traveling East and surfing sometimes very fast we found ourselves getting
hip checked or clipped and recovering barley to take off again. The slaps
coming from the windward {starboard aft quarter} would spin us to windward
and the Girl wanted to round up bad. Bad idea. The outcome is usually
is a head to wind then a gybe then we are crying in the trough. Both of
us. How it did not happen this time I dont know. Maybe I learned something
from the Indian Ocean. Kergeulen spanked us so hard we are red still.

Not nice. But hey, we are travelling in the unstable air mass of SW flow
at the bottom of the 40’s. Just across the line form the screamers. In
the West they say "if you can’t play with the big dogs then stay
on the porch." I never played with that team. They seemed to be "A"
team cats. I am a "B "team all the way. But down here the wind
is "blowing the dogs off the chains" .

Finally they came to terms and SW is prevailing. Cosmic alignment. Velvet
Surfing safari. And a chance to look see at every piece of equipment on
this Girl before the next contest.