New Year, New Look

into our eighth year here at SA, we thought it was time to put some lipstick
on this pig, so we freshened up the logo, picked out some new colors and
added a couple of new features to the site – a much better search feature
(now brought to you by The
Sailing Pro Shop
, thank you very much), a new menu bar, and easier
ways to contact us. Otherwise, we’re still the same bunch of dirtbags.
Like everything here, this is a work in progress and we’ll no doubt be
adding and changing things as we go. Big thanks to Dawg for his work getting
this together and our friends at Eye-Con
for their artistic eye.

yeah, we’re going
New Year’s Day , so we’ll be back after that with a fresh batch
of great stories, including a report from Rosebud on their Sydney to Hobart
win, the 2007 One Design Survey, a great on board report from James Burdick
on his Open 40, and the usuual folderol.

New Year – we’re really looking forward to a kick ass year with y’all!