More. Bigger. Now.

yacht production has increased in unit numbers by 17.9 per cent, according
to ShowBoats International’s 2008 Global Order Book. The number of yachts
over 24m (80ft) has increased to 916 compared to 777 a year ago. The Order
Book noted that, if stretched end to end, the yachts would account for
34.6 kilometres (21.5 miles). The number of new yachts has almost quadrupled
from ten years ago, when ShowBoats reported 279 yachts under construction.

to the Order Book, each of the six size categories increased this year.
In 2007, 207 yachts from 80 to 89 feet were built. This year, that number
increased to 253. In what has increasingly become the "mid-range",
yachts from 120 to 149 increased from 152 last year to 175 units this
year. Even the 250ft-plus category rose from 18 yachts last year to 23
under construction.

only question is, where and when does it end? Thanks to IBI News and here
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