(Soylent) Green Racer

were frankly pretty bummed out when the wacky Kiwi EarthRace program ran
over a Guatemalan fisherman earlier this year, ending their attempt at
a round-the-world powerboat record. As you can hear in the audio
that SA did last year, Owner Peter Bethune has mortgaged
his life to build and campaign the boat in an effort to promote the use
and development of renewable bio-fuels – dude is a crusader for a good
cause. Bethune dug himself out of his legal quagmire in Guatemala, settling
with the family of the dead fisherman, and now EarthRace is set to take
off on its ultimate goal: The motorboat round-the-world record.

new twist is a somewhat disgusting one – Captain Pete and two of his volunteers
underwent liposuction recently, dumping the fat that doctors removed into
their fuel tank. It’s certainly an interesting way to show how versatile
their propulsion system is.

of luck, Pete – let’s hope you keep a bit more distance from the Central
American coast this time. If you do encounter any fleshy obstructions,
at least you can use ’em for fuel. Check out www.earthrace.net for more info, or check them out at the QE II pier in London until the
New Year.