Going Deep

M. Burwick is in the middle of his solo Auckland to Cape Town voyage aboard
his Groupe Finot Open 40 Anasazi Girl and he sends us this report.

174 E
245 nm last 24. That is better
568 miles from Auckland as the crow flies
512 from Wellington
241 NE of the Chathams
3889 to the center of the Drake Passage

Steady winds in both direction and strength. I also didn’t do too much
to slow her down.
Two reefs and the J1. 90 deg apparent of 20 kts and some seas. Seeing
surfing speeds over 16kts but generally 12-14. No keel humming at all.
The foil master is truly the master. G Force. Good name and quality.
I have a lot of ballast in her side to counter effect the seas which are
too forward of the beam for my liking.