Little Big Open

friends from Sailing
send this blurb for you who may be interested in the Open
5.70. They do look very cool…

First imported into the USA in July 2007, the Open 5.70 is a little sportboat
with two speeds: slow and fast!!! If you are a big fan of PHRF races,
then you should stop reading and jump to the next article on SA. However,
if you are a one design sailor who wants to have fun, then tag along because
this boat will make you feel like you are driving an Open 60. What do
they have in common? Well, just check out the boat and you will definitely
realize that they come from the same designer’s pencil, famous naval architect
JM FINOT. So before you go ahead and spend $500K on an Open 60, have a
look at this new little modern and simple Open 5.70.