Dry Dock

a boat is like being married. Done right, it’s an elegant thing. More
often, it is…let’s say less elegant. So, in the spirit of getting
it right, Mad Mariner gives you The
Docking Game
™, a video game that makes the union of boat and
pier a little less painful.

get to choose your boat, complete with cheesy name. You can listen to
the music or mute it (we’ve been told it sounds like…well, we’ll let
you guess). High scores are kept on your computer, so you can track how
you do. (I tried it a few times – I sucked! Ed.)

game has more than 20 levels that require you to pull into floating docks,
T-heads, polls, finger piers and anything else we could concoct. The marinas
are modeled after actual places. The conditions too are realistic: you
will encounter wind, currents, waves, traffic and a few surprises.

course, like many things in life, it gets harder as you go. But it’s a
lot of fun too. Check
it out