Show Off

like a few tricks on a windsurfer. We’ve all seen the wild jumps and flips
and 360’s, not sure if we’ve seen this particular type of ballet. By the
end, we were hoping he’d fall….Thanks to anarchist Michael who reports:

freestyle windsurfing you can see from the beach at Bonaire’s Lac Bay
is astonishing. Not only can you watch three of the top ten freestylers
in the world at one time (Kiri Thode, Tonky Frans, and Taty Frans, but
also the extraordinary nonplaning specialist Caesar Finies. On a recent
trip to Bonaire I taped several of Caesar’s practice sessions. He told
me that the wind (which was averaging 16-18 knots) was a bit strong for
his style of sail handling and that he would not have his best control,
but that I was welcome to shoot anyway. Check
out what Caesar can do